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Our passion is games. We play them, we make them, we love them. The goal of our studio is to create fun and unique gameplay experiences, with an emphasis on story. Our current project is Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse and is in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Steamroller Studios is a full service production house. We offer animation, modeling, concept art, and more. Whatever your need, we can handle it from concept to completion. We have a proven track record with decades of experience. You can expect industry leading quality, delivered on time.

Latest Updates

super shock electric football video game

Super Shock Finally On The Google Play Store!

It finally happened! We have released Super Shock Electric Football on the Google Play Store We originally released Super Shock Football on iPhone and iPad back in 2009. But it’s always bothered us that we were neglecting our Android brothers. And so we dusted it off,...

Kickstarter February Deadwood Update

Hello Woodlings, Hope everyone is enjoying the new year! Sorry we missed you last month. The holiday crunch was very heavy this year, but never fear, Deadwood is still here! Deadwood Updates: We’ve been working on tons of stuff, including more weapons, defenses and enemies....

Deadwood 0.1.7 Prototype Build is Now Available!

We had a really eventful week at GDC 2014. We’ve meet tons of awesome developers and made some great new contacts that will hopefully get Deadwood in more hands when we finally release (whenever that is). This build has all of the bug fixes from the last one but we added a...

The Log


The Log – October 13th, 2016

The Log – October 13th, 2016:   Hey Woodlings 🙂 Last month, we showed off one of the creatures named Tobard. This month we had the opportunity to work both the hi-res models of Tobard and a long-time enemy named Splinter. Take a look at what we’ve been doing in ZBrush....

The Log – September 7th, 2016

The Log – September 7th, 2016: Hey Woodlings 🙂 For the past few months, we’ve really been focusing in on the Woodchuck Clan Camp area. As we continually build new areas in the world, we polish a few areas along the way to make sure we’re ahead of the game. Last month when...

The Log – August 16th, 2016

The Log – August 16th, 2016:   Hey Woodlings 🙂 Jaryd, our Lead Technical Artist has been whipping out some amazing trees and plants this month for all different parts of the map. Below are just a few examples of the greenery that he’s been working with. (From the top:...