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VINTAGE VIBRATING FOOTBALL ACTION! Finally, a unique football game that anyone can play! This isn't your typical Madden style game. Immerse yourself in the fun-filled nostalgic world of Super Shock Electric Football. Featuring gameplay simple enough for the casual gamer, yet deep enough to satisfy the hardcore football nut. Enjoy a touch of something old and new, in this charming re-envisioning of the classic Electric Football game. Lace up and get in the game!


  • Vintage Vibrating Football Action
  • Play Alone or Challenge a Friend
  • Amazing 3D Graphics
  • Pass, Run and Kick
  • Random Field Generator
  • 10 Hilariously Named Teams
  • Sky Changes from Day to Night
  • Over 20 Different Preset Plays
  • Create Your Own Custom Plays
  • Snow and Rain Effects
  • 3 Difficulty Levels
  • Physics Based Gameplay
  • Fully Controllable Camera
  • Stat Tracking and Leaderboards
  • 40 Fun Achievements






Super Shock Football: Title Screen Creation

When I set out to design the title screen for our first game “Super Shock Football” I really wanted to evoke the feel of those original electric football games. Many times back then, their would be two artists. One would do the inside packaging for the game, and...
super shock electric football video game

Super Shock Football HD: Out Now!

Super Shock Football HD is up on the iPad app store. Now you can experience the game how it was meant to be played.
super shock electric football video game

Super Shock Football: Out Now!

Super Shock Football is finally up on the iPhone app store. After all the hard work it’s finally there. Thanks for all the support from our fans. What are you still doing here. Go! Go! Go!