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Game Progress: Hero Locomotion

This is our first hero locomotion test with Lathe for our new game “Deadwood”.  The goal of this test is to see how the controls feel and how the character reacts. Although this won’t be the final animation or controls, we’re working in broad strokes and feel this is sufficient enough for us to move on with gameplay.

We’d love to hear what you guys think of the controls. We think it plays best with an XBOX 360 controller, but let us know your thoughts. Also, we’d appreciate comments about the animation. It’s a bit rough but not too early for feedback. Don’t forget to follow us on one of our social networks to stay up to date with all of our newest builds. Happy playing!

  • Left Analog to Move
    Right Analog to Aim
    A to Jump
    Left/Right Bummers to Orbit Camera
  • W/A/S/D to Move
    Shift to Walk
    Mouse to Aim
    Space to Jump
    Q/E to Orbit Camera

NOTE: For now we have Lathe in one of Unity’s testing arenas because want to keep the focus of these tests on the motion and not the environment. Once we are happy with it here, we’ll throw it into the environment that our team is already working on.

Edit: Addedvideo for anyone that can’t access the web player.

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Keith Lackey has been working at Weta Digital in New Zealand as a Lead Animation TD since 2006. At Steamroller, Keith is Technical Supervisor and is in charge of all the programming and pipeline for the games we work on.
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